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A step forward with Intelligent Assisted Reality.

2021-04-20 11:31

Team Cloudvision

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A step forward with Intelligent Assisted Reality.

Cloudvision will participate in the webinar "IoT Digital Factory: focus on Line Production 4.0"

We all perceive changes in the world of work, in companies and organizations of any size. Also thanks to the situation created by the COVID-19 emergency, the need to move to more effective processes and online communications has prompted the adoption of technologies capable of guaranteeing remote collaboration or automated assistance to workers
This has accelerated the growth and development of Cloudvision, our Intelligent Assisted Reality platform, based on the use of smart glasses, artificial intelligence technologies and real time communication platforms.

Cloudvision will participate in the webinar:


IoT Digital Factory: focus on Line Production 4.0


Tuesday 27 April, at 10:00.


It is a free online event organized by Soiel, in collaboration with Made, BiRex e Start 4.0,

If you are interested and you participate you can register here: 

We will talk about IoT and Digital Factory but Cloudvison's applications range from the energy field, to that of plant maintenance and logistics, from assisted training to remote health diagnosis.


Thanks to the power of the Cloud and the speed of 5G, wearing a pair of smart glasses it is possible to interact in real time and hands-free with an intelligent assistance platform, capable of analyzing images, data and managing vocal support requests providing immediate and contextualized answers. in order to increase staff productivity and the effectiveness of interventions.


Cloudvision allows field users to collaborate with remote experts during inspections, assessments or diagnoses. On-site users share the point of view of their glasses in real time, while keeping their hands free. The remote experts are in turn able to take snapshots, record videos, graphically edit snapshots or send other media on the eyewear's head-up display.

You can try the power of Intelligent Assisted Reality firsthand by taking a Cloudvision Demo


The project "Augmentya Virtual Assistant Studio (AVAS): software module for the creation of advanced conversational agents for the Augmentya platform" is made possible thanks to European funds from the Emilia Romagna region.

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